Going Organic!

Why buy expensive organic produce from supermarkets when you can grow a whole range yourself on your own allotment plot? Ok, it may take you a little longer than a 1 hour round trip to the nearest supermarket, but may not take as long as you think.

Growing your produce is exceptionally rewarding and good for the pocket book too. Seeds can be picked up very cheaply from stores like The Range for 50p a pack. You can grow leafy salad items like a variety of lettuces which can come to maturity within a few weeks! In winter, you could even try growing them at home with a tray or propagator on your kitchen shelf. I have one myself.

All that it costs you is time, some energy and a good reserve of patience! If you decide to take on an allotment plot, it would cost you no more than £2 a week, or £1 if you qualify for the over 65 discount.

Come and enquire about taking on a plot. It could change your life, as well as your diet!

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