Pros and Cons

Ok so you are thinking of applying for a plot. That’s fantastic. The rewards that you receive are incredible, not just in terms of growing crops, but in getting healthy, meeting new people, getting out and about away from social media and the TV, or maybe just getting away the wife/husband and kids for a few hours!. There’s a lot of that kind of thing going on at the allotments.

But there are some practical questions to ask yourself before you take the plunge. Consider the following points:

Are you new to gardening? Or perhaps you’re a gardener who’s not had an allotment till now?

We welcome anyone who’s considering renting a plot, and suggest you visit one of the sites to see for yourself what it’s all about. But first, do have a look at our website. There’s lots of information here to help you think about what you want to get out of having a plot, and which site would suit you best.

When you visit, we can show you round and you can meet people who’ve already got a plot. Ideally you’ll just visit one or two sites before deciding, as it can be time-consuming for us to arrange access to all 5!

For people new to gardening or allotments, rather than those just transferring from another site, have a think about what it could mean for your life – ask yourself these questions:

• Will I have enough time now and for the foreseeable future? Can I fit in having an allotment with my other commitments? Will my family or friends be interested in coming along too, or will they be unhappy if I’m away from home too often?

• Are any of the Ward End allotment sites near where I live? Can I get there in a few minutes to do the watering and other jobs which need to be done regularly? Is any of the sites near enough to home or work to come for an hour or two when I can manage it?

• Am I fit enough and energetic enough – or will working on the allotment help me get fitter? Most vacant plots that haven’t just been vacated by someone else are overgrown at the start and it can be hard work clearing it. But rewarding and more to show for it than a gym!

• Am I being realistic about how long it will take to get the results I’m after? Am I committed and patient enough to keep going if it proves harder than I first thought? Am I willing to keep watering, weeding and harvesting and make sure it’s looked after if I’m away for weeks at a time?

If you’ve been honest with yourself in answering these questions and still feel enthusiastic, now’s the time to arrange a visit to one or more of our sites. We have vacancies on all of them, mostly standard plots but also some larger and smaller ones.

We can answer your questions at the visit and help you work out your options