”Getting an allotment has definitely had a positive impact on my life. Yes, it’s been hard work, but ultimately worth it” – Alloment Holder

Welcome to the new website of the Ward End Gardeners Association – an allotment association which manages 5 sites in Ward End, Birmingham 8. The first aim of this website is to tell newcomers all about our beautiful sites, where they are, what they have to offer, how much they cost and how to rent one. You can explore the menu on the left hand side to view the comprehensive information that we have provided. We invite you to do so.

The second aim is to serve as a community hub, as a repository for the sharing of information and for plot holders to raise issues, to contribute ideas or to help with the overall management of our facilities. There is also a “members only” forum where you can raise your issues . If you are a plot holder, we encourage you to join the forum and contribute!

The association is voluntarily and democratically run entirely by the plot holders themselves. Everyone is welcome to contribute ideas and help if you feel inclined to do so. There are many things to get involved with from helping with site maintenance, administration or contributing for fundraisers and events

Featured Articles

Dealing with slugs

One of the main things you have to deal with as a gardener is the plant-eating competition! It’s not just you that wants to eat your lettuces and strawberries – there’s birds and insects and mammals who have a taste for them too, and they generally help themselves when you’re ...
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Slug pellets – To use or not use?

In December 2018, the government decided to prohibit the outdoor use of metaldehyde, a pesticide used to control slugs in a range of crops and in gardens, as from Spring 2020. Why? Because the experts said that it poses an “unacceptable risk to birds and mammals”. Slug damage - What ...
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Welcome to New Plotholders!

The longer days and sight of green shoots appearing in January have prompted an influx of new people to join our ranks! Over the past month or so, 5 new local people have signed on the dotted line to take on a plot at two of the Ward End Gardeners ...
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Wonder of Parsnips

Parsnips are an allotment favourite, a root vegetable related to carrots. Keen allotment gardeners who compete at shows enjoy growing ones with amazing long roots – which takes a lot of effort and skill. Fortunately for those of us with less patience and know-how, they taste just as good when ...
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Online Future Payments

We are looking into a facility to pay allotment rentals online. There are a few very strong reasons to do this. First, it's 2020, and according to people like Star Wars creator George Lucas we should all have super sci-fi flying machines, but in reality we cannot even pay for ...
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Going Organic!

Why buy expensive organic produce from supermarkets when you can grow a whole range yourself on your own allotment plot? Ok, it may take you a little longer than a 1 hour round trip to the nearest supermarket, but may not take as long as you think. Growing your produce ...
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Escape the hustle and bustle

We all accept that modern living can be very stressful. The fast pace of our lives; juggling the responsibilities of job and family; the incessant calls on our attention from people and things; attending to the relentless barrage of messages from internet and social media, can leave us feeling drained ...
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Community News and Bulletins

Fairholme Rd Site Clear-Up

Plotholders at one of the two small sites run by Ward End Gardeners Association have been in over-drive this week ...
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National Allotment Society Meeting

This is being held at 2pm on Saturday 15th February 2020 at St. Giles' Church Hall, Vicarage Lane, Ash Green, ...
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Veolia grants update

In September last year the Association was lucky enough to be awarded two Veolia Envirogrants for 2 of their sites ...
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WEGA President Passes Away

Sadly, our President Charlie Lodge died in January 2020. Charlie was a longstanding plotholder at Northleigh Road and well-known in ...
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Mick Merrill retires after 30 years

In November 2019, our Chairman Mick Merrill retired from his role on the Committee after serving over 30 years in ...
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Pancake day special

Here's a pancake day special supper you can cook up from allotment ingredients, as recommended by Vanessa, who used to ...
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Beetroot Soups

Borscht (Beetroot soup) Not every year is a good year for beetroot, but when it grows well, you’re going to ...
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Parsnip Soups

There are two main ways to make a soup featuring parsnips.  The quickest and most straight-forward generally involves frying onion, ...
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