The annual rental charges are set by the Council for all sites and plots, and pay for the plot of land.  There’s nothing laid down that sites have to provide any facilities but most do, as over the years most Associations have managed to make improvements.

Our sites all have water standpipes – more in the larger ones – from which you can fill a water container for watering your plot.  You will need to provide your own water butt.

They all have toilets (Lime Tree Road – to be refurbished).

There are lockers at Northleigh Rd and some storage facilities elsewhere, but if you want a shed, you have to put one up yourself.  Some plots have sheds that have been left by previous occupants.

We are starting to develop communal composting areas on the sites.

Car parking is allowed on all sites

Community payback.   

We work with Community Services which can help with maintenance and other jobs on site.  This helps when plots have been derelict for some years.