How To Apply

Renting a plot

It’s very easy to rent a plot in the Ward End Allotment Association. But time is running out. Since launching our new website, plots are being taken up at a fast rate! Don’t miss out!

We have compiled a section on what it takes to take on an allotment. There is a pro’s and con’s section. Allotments do take a lot of commitment and hard work. It is not to be entered into lightly. But ultimately worth it.

If you are satisfied that you have the right information, we recommend looking at the various sites. These can be found on the Menu under the title “Our Allotment Sites”. Here you can find some brief information, maps and images to give you a flavour of our sites.

Now investigate affordability. The link below will take you to the Rates and Plot sizes page. We have a range of sizes for you to explore ranging from a small to large plots – subject to availability of course!

How To Apply

The easiest way to apply for a plot at one of our five sites in Ward End Birmingham is to simply fill in the form on the Contact Us page. We will get back to you by phone or email usually within 48 hours.