The Northleigh Road allotment is the main site of the Ward End Gardeners Association (WEGA). It also has the most plots and the only one to have benefitted from the allotment facilities improvements of the early 1970s in Birmingham.

9 plots available

To find it, look for the main gate which is in the section of Northleigh Road between Ingleton Road and Winnington Road – both off Drews Lane. It’s also on Google maps. The postcode is B8 2QL.

This is where the Secretary is based if you want to rent a plot – Use Contact Us page to make arrangements to visit, or phone 07812 248447.

The allotment was built on the drained mill pool of Ward End Mill! If you are interested in the history of our sites then we have compiled some information and old maps on the following Ward End History Page.

Facilities QuestionAnswer
Number of Plots?50
Number of Available Plots?15
Car Park?Yes
Club House?Yes - pavilion
Tea Rooms?Yes
Communal Shed?no
Site Representative?Yes
Rep Name?
Google Earth Picture of Northleigh Road