Birmingham Allotment Show

Display at 2018 Birmingham District Allotments Confederation Annual Show

In late August each year, the Birmingham and District Allotments Confederation holds an annual Flower and Vegetable Show. In recent years it’s been held in Cannon Hill Park, and now takes place in the Midlands Arts Centre there. It’s an opportunity for associations and individuals to display their best flowers, fruit and vegetables and compete for trophies.

Ward End Gardeners Association has been involved in these events over many years, and brought back lots of prizes. One of our plotholders, Derek Cullen, is now the Show Secretary.

The 2020 Show is not going ahead because of the restrictions put in place to counter the spread of the Covid 19 virus. Looking forward to 2021, the BDAC is keen to find out what people would like to see in future shows. If you have ideas and comments to make, get in touch with the BDAC. WEGA members can use the forum in the members section if they wish.