Committee and AGMs

We ask all new plotholders to join the Association for a small annual fee, which provides us with a bit of cash to help manage the sites.    This is important because the Council, which owns the land, only has one 25-hour a week Allotments Officer to deal with all 115 sites (7,000 plots) in the city.  So most of the management is down to individual members volunteering for the Committee and helping with jobs which maintain and improve their site.

The Committee is elected from the Annual General Meeting of Association members, held in November each year, and new people are always welcome.  You can be co-opted on if you’d like to join before the next AGM, or, if you’d like to help in other ways without coming to Committee meetings, that’s very welcome too.

Committee and Site Reps

The Committee this year (2019-20) is the following:

Chairperson:   Iftikhar Ahmed, based at Northleigh Road

Secretary:  Hester Blewitt, based at Northleigh Road

Treasurer:  David Read, based at Northleigh Road

Committee members:   Stuart Berrow, (based at Fairholme Road), Keith Simpson (based at Lime Tree Road), Ishfark Zaman (based at Lime Tree Road), Shane Delaney (based at Blackpit Lane), Karen Watts, Asmat Abbas (based at Northleigh Road), Gerry Howles (based at St.Margarets Road)

The role of Site Reps is under review.

Committee meetings, sub-groups and AGM

Committee meetings have taken place monthly in recent years.  This year we are trying out less frequent full committee meetings with sub-groups meeting in between, to spend more time planning activities such as Fundraising, and Events and Shows.     These sub-groups will be open to non-Committee members who want to contribute on these areas.

Dates, times and places of meetings, sub-groups and the AGM will be on the website so that members can come along to any of them.

Committee and AGM minutes

AGM November 2019

Minutes and notes of meetings will be posted on the website for members to view, once they have been agreed.   Some items may not be included for various reasons, but members can use the Contact Us page to find out more about anything which is not clear from the Minutes.

New Association policies and decisions affecting all members and/or plotholders will be posted on the Members Pages, and if necessary, all will be notified through emails, texts or letters.     The Members’ Pages on this website can only be accessed by members (and their partners/families) with a log in and password.  Please do not share this with others.

Other options for better communication are an email group for members, WhatsApp groups (eg there is already one for the New Shoots Gardening Club) and Facebook/Instagram.    Anyone wishing to be involved in setting these up, please Contact Us.

Other sources of information – public pages on the Website, notice boards on the sites, and the suggestions on the Links page in particular, can help you make the best use of your allotment.   

If you wish to advertise or recommend a service to other plotholders  eg toolhire, plant suppliers, sheds, use the Contact Us page or speak to a Committee member about use of the website or a notice board.