The Association has one Stores point at Northleigh Road, which is open on Saturday and Sunday mornings 11 am to 1 pm.   From March, the Stores will also be open on Wednesdays 11-1.  Here you can buy the basics for planting and feeding your plot, at good prices, same as last year.    For example the very good quality Clover multi-purpose compost 60 litre bag is £4.20.

Buying your allotment items from the Stores helps the Association too.

Apart from the items listed, the Stores also deals with seed and potato orders in the autumn.    Catalogues are available at the Stores, or from Plot 9 Northleigh Road, or use Contact Us page to get in touch with the Secretary. We are affiliated to the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners (NSALG), which has links with Kings Seeds and Suffolk Herbs.  They give discounts to NSALG members so you can get seeds at a 40% discount and other items too.  For more information on NSALG, see the Links page

Stores items for sale

Items in bold are available in smaller quantities.

Note some items are to order only

Peat Goodwin 60 litre
Clover multi-purpose compost 60 litre
Vermiculite 100 litre
Bonemeal 25 kg       To order
Growmore 25 kg
Sulphate of potash 25 kg
Super Phosphate 25 kg
Grow Organic 15 kg           To order
Fish Blood and Bone 25 kg
Silver Sand
Potting Grit 20 kg
Calcified Seaweed 25 kg     To order
Vitax q4 10 kg
Nitro Chalk 25 kg             To order
Epsom Salts (Sulphate of Magnesium) 25kg    To order
Sulphate of iron
Lime 20 kg
Jeyes Fulid 25 litre
Maxi Crop 10 litre
Chicken Pellets 8 kg
Rat Killer
Slug pellets
Potato Fertiliser
Canes 8 ft
Canes 5 ft