WEGA Facilities and Stores update

Since the Government imposed further restrictions to prevent Coronavirus from spreading so rapidly, we’ve been advised to close and limit some of our facilities. The National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners has asked us to close our communal facilities – such as tearooms, and to cancel or postpone events and meetings. So we’re setting up other means for the Committee to manage the sites during the current crisis, and ask you all to bring your own drinks when you come on site.

The toilets and water standpipes will still be usable, but we ask that everyone does their bit to keep these facilities safe for everyone who comes on their site. In other words, wash your hands often and well, take your own towel, and use disinfectant to clean whatever you’ve touched before and after use. We don’t employ cleaners, everything which is done to look after the site and its facilities is voluntary, and everyone needs to play their part if we are going to carry one keeping sites open at this time

The other main change we need to make is to the Stores – based at Northleigh Road site, this has been providing allotment essentials like compost and canes for many years – again all on a voluntary basis every weekend throughout the year. Our retired Chairman Mick Merrill manages the Stores sales. Now NSALG has told us to close it for the duration of the government restrictions OR put an on-line scheme in place. 

This makes sense because, as in shops, it’s difficult to avoid contact when exchanging money and goods and the virus can remain active for a long time on metal (coins) and surfaces like paper and plastic (notes, bags, tubs) .

So from now on WEGA member customers are asked to order and pay for their Stores goods on-line and collect what they’ve ordered from a pick-up point.   This will be for the duration of the crisis and until current government restrictions on contact are lifted. 

The new scheme starts Saturday 4th April 2020. For details of what you can buy, go to the Services we provide/Site Store page on this website. Use the Contact Us page to find out more about how to order and pay or ring the Secretary 07812 248447.

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