An upside to social distancing?

A big plus for Ward End Gardeners Association allotment holders – and anyone else with an allotment – is the social side.  Opportunities to make friends, share an interest, get out and meet people outside your normal circle of family or work colleagues or neighbours.  So it’s a big blow for us now when we can’t have a natter with our allotment neighbours.

Or can we?  There’s nothing to stop people talking at a safe distance from one allotment to another- or shouting if you’re hard of hearing!  Check out the latest advice on how to keep safe – for example – www.gardenersworld.com/how-to/grow-plants/coronavirus-can-I-still-go-to-the-allotment.      (current 26 March 2020)

Also, it can be very satisfying working away on your own plot while you can see other people working away on theirs.  That’s good even in normal times, but it’s especially important at the moment when physical contact has to be limited.   Just to see people that you know helps you feel connected and supported, not isolated and frightened.

Companiable working on an allotment site – keeping a safe distance

But perhaps the most obvious bonus of social distancing is the amount of work we can get through when we’re not so busy socialising! 

Here’s what one of our members (admittedly one of the younger plotholders of working age) managed to get done in a morning this week following the lockdown instruction.  The best part of her plot is now ready to go!

All in a morning’s work – good exercise with an Azada digging hoe!

So if you’re well and not having to socially isolate yourself, come along to your plot and make the most of the fine weather to sow your seeds for a summer or autumn harvest. Think about all that fresh food to build up your strength in the future.

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