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Online Future Payments

We are looking into a facility to pay allotment rentals online. There are a few very strong reasons to do this. First, it’s 2020, and according to people like Star Wars creator George Lucas we should all have super sci-fi flying machines, but in reality we cannot even pay for our allotments online! Well, we have news for you. We can. We are looking into a facility that can enable us to do that very thing.

Then there is the reason that it takes an awful amount of time to process allotment subscriptions every year, and considering we are all volunteers, we want a way to simplify things and ease the work burden. Also there is the good reason that we do not have to sit around in the cold office waiting for being next in turn to pay!

In the words of Bionic man: “We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first allotment payment online system. WEGA will be that site. Better than we were able before. Better, stronger, faster”

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